New Technologies for Perimeter Security

Lives and assets are protected when determined threats are delayed or deterred from access to your perimeters. Our products and concepts work to this end, and are the results of many years of development and researching how to fill these gaps in the security industry. Our RubberGuard products and the Sound Barrier System can each be stand alone systems, and can also be integrated into any software and warning or detection systems you are currently using. Our products enhance traditional means of security, such as fences, motion sensors, and cameras, creating a situation of deterrence – or the absence of a security incident. The RubberGuard and SBS products effectively prevent entrance into high risk areas such as those found in the heavy industry, petroleum, maritime, telecom, law enforcement, and government sectors.

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RubberGuard Security Products

Originally invented to prevent animals from entering restricted areas, RubberGuard products have evolved into being used in security scenarios. RubberGuard Security Products include the RubberGuard Conductive Mat and the RubberGuard Conductive Wire, which have completely changed the perception of the functionality of rubber. With RubberGuard Security Products, rubber actually conducts electricity, taking perimeter protection to a whole new level, as well as serving to meet diverse application requirements.

Advantages of the RubberGuard Conductive Mat and Wire:

  • Acts as both a physical and psychological barrier to intrusion attempts, and delays intrusion time
  • Tamper free and cannot be short-circuited like traditional electric fencing
  • Fully monitored detection of possible intruders; zone monitoring
  • Can be fully integrated with other alarm systems
  • Provides a controlled electrical shock that will deter and delay an intruder (non-lethal, yet effective)
  • Has been approved by the Danish Institute of Technology and extensively tested by professional research teams
  • Is being used by embassies in threatening regions of the world
  • Far more aesthetically pleasing to look at than razor wire, electrical fences, spikes etc.
  • Completely wind, weather, and UV-resistant (not prone to deterioration or rust)
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Uses well known and proven energizer technology
  • Easy installation on existing walls or fences
  • Easy to uninstall and re-use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Cost-effective

Traditionally, either razor wire or electrical fencing has been used as top cover on fences and walls. Both are widely used to protect private houses, estates, farms, industrial complexes, factories, warehouses, military and government installations, oil and gas facilities, telecom towers, harbors and airports, etc. Security professionals are well aware of the shortcomings of these two methods. Often the intruder cuts or covers razor wire, and electrical fencing can be short-circuited by grounding out, then cut or climbed.

By comparison, RubberGuard Security Products are much more aesthetic, are not as difficult to install, and are not prone to cutting, climbing, or deterioration or rust.

Conductive Mat

RubberGuard Conductive Mat installed on top of a gate at a government facility is barely discernible

RubberGuard Conductive Mat

How it works...

RubberGuard Conductive Mat is a rugged strip of heavy duty rubber wherein high voltage electric pulses are conducted through a patented combination of precisely blended copper fibers, carbon particles and rubber polymers. It administers a controlled, non-lethal shock to any intruder and the electric pulse is variable to your needs and local legislation.

Tampering with the RubberGuard Conductive Mat results in alarm activation, which is transmitted to security personnel. RubberGuard products allow security personnel time to respond to even the most remote attempted breaches by delaying intruders for an indefinite period of time, or completely curtailing the attempted breach. RubberGuard Security Products can be integrated with any existing perimeter security system, as well as video surveillance. Power to the energizer and RubberGuard Conductive Mat is controlled by keypad or remotely via hand held FOB. Unless the power is disarmed by one of these control mechanisms, attempts to access will result in a significant but non-lethal shock. RubberGuard Conductive Mat and the energizer may be connected to wireless or wired communications networks for monitoring and alarm purposes. RubberGuard Conductive Mat cannot be short circuited or easily cut, and operates in virtually any environment.

The RubberGuard Security Products are also long lasting for outdoor use (10 year warranty), and give a much better appearance than razor wire, electrical fences or spikes. Packaged in rolls of 20 meters, the sections can be connected to protect your perimeters for many kilometers.

Concepts and Uses...

RubberGuard Security Products are adapted to many concepts and uses, such as…

Perimeter Security

RubberGuard Conductive Mat provides an electrified barrier on walls, fences, buildings or other types of perimeters to prevent unwanted entrance into security sensitive areas.

  • RubberGuard Mat on Brick Wall
  • RubberGuard Mat on Fencing

Entrance/Gate Deterrent

This concept consists of electrified RubberGuard matting to deter unauthorized access at entrances, gates and walkways. As seen here at an animal park, parallel strips are used to prevent individuals from entering into gated entrances or prohibited access areas, and can be used inside a building as well as outside.

  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Walkway
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Walkway

Battery/Server Cabinet

We tailor our concepts to your specific site scenarios. This concept was created in response to the need to deter unauthorized personnel from accessing cabinets containing mission critical components, such as batteries or data systems.

  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Cabinettelecom battery unit
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Cabinet
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Cabinet
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Cabinet

Maritime Security

This anti-piracy installation of RubberGuard Conductive Mat mounted on the exterior and rails of ships makes unauthorized boarding impossible. It can also be used to prevent access to dock areas. The salt water resistant mat is easy to install, is low profile, low maintenance, and as always, the system allows for alarm and monitoring capabilities.

  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Ship
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Ship
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Ship

Temporary Mobile Site Locations

RubberGuard Conductive Mat and Wire have been added to mobile fencing and gate units used at high risk temporary construction site locations to protect assets and promote safety.

  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Temporary Site
  • RubberGuard Mat Securing Temporary Site

RubberGuard Conductive Wire


Originally having been created for the humane containment or deterring of animals, RubberGuard Conductive Wire is being used in Thailand to contain elephants, to keep them from being shot by poachers. Animals sense the electric current and will not proceed past the perimeter.

RubberGuard Conductive Wire

The wire consists of thin copper wires coated with patented rubberized conductive materials. It conducts electrical current to administer a shock to deter without permanently harming, and does not ground out.

RubberGuard Conductive Fence

RubberGuard Conductive Wire is a cost effective approach to electrifying new or existing fence and covering perimeters of any specified length. It can be alarmed, monitored, and used in conjunction with any other security products – and works underwater as well as on the ground.

Sound Barrier System Products

Sound Barrier System

Sound Barrier System

The SBS 128 system uses infrared, sound, and light to detect and deter human intrusion. Infrared technology detects potential intruders before they reach your perimeter. A voice warning message and transmission of the incident details to the command center will occur before initiation of the sound barrier and high-intensity strobe lights. The sound barrier system emits a modulating frequency that cannot be tolerated by the human inner ear or blocked by ear protection. The high-intensity strobe further disorients any intruder. Although physiological and psychological effects of the SBS sound and light system are non-lethal, the SBS 128 creates a formidable non-confrontational intrusion barrier. The system is ideal for perimeters in remote or non-remote locations, and is a low key solution to high threat scenarios. The SBS can be powered by solar energy, equipped with a ballistic shield and connected to radar, cameras and networks. Authorized access is gained by use of hands-free belt attached activation inhibition devices worn by workers or dogs.

SBS 128 3D Animation

SBS 128 3D Animation