D. Moses Consulting, Inc. is partnered with companies whose ground-breaking innovations, along with our ever-evolving concepts based on client site requirements, combine to give our clients the best, most effective security systems available in the global market.

RubberGuard Security offers the world’s most effective and revolutionary humane conductive rubber fencing products to keep intruders out of a perimeter through non-lethal electric shock that cannot be grounded out. These products have been thoroughly tested and documented by the Danish Technological Institute.


Compound Security Systems, LLC Compound Security Systems, LLC is the world’s foremost developer of acoustic technology and our partner in the invention and development of the SBS 128 for perimeter security.


JVA Security JVA Security is our partner of choice for power and monitoring supplies and accessories. JVA Technologies’ (Australia) products and expertise are trusted choices for local and international customers, as they meet the strict specifications required to secure major contracts such as prisons, airports, power stations, defense facilities and municipalities world-wide.

In combination, we represent proactive solutions for the protection of material and human assets.